Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jesus, a Jew or a Gentile?

Are in error those who believe Jesus was a Gentile and not a Jew. Statements of this nature smell pure anti-Semitism to be aimed away from Judaism the figure of the greatest master of the whole Christian family, regardless of denomination or subgroup. Jesus, or Yeshua bar Yosef, a direct descendant of the house of King David, whose birth was prophesied centuries before his coming, was born in Bethlehem of Judea, the son of Miriam and Yosef, Jewish believers in Gd, and so was Jewish and never denied his origin, his history, his roots and his culture.

To despair of the vast majority of Christians, Catholics or Protestants, fundamentalist or not, ever, at any time, claimed to be God, but only the Son of Man or Son of the Living God, as indeed all of humanity is. Nor has created a religion and even less a religious institution. At no time was against the "mitzvot," the commandments of his religion, or against the precepts of Jewish time. He was presented to the temple on the seventh day after birth for "brit-milah" or circumcision ceremony and made his "bar-mitzvat" at 13 years old in Jerusalem.

He always had free passage in the synagogues and in the Great Temple and always made it clear that he had not come to destroy the Law but to comply with it, without, however, bow to any kind of prejudice, common then and now, as well as subservience demanded by so-called doctors of the Law Despite having good relationships with some of the elders of the Great Sanhedrin, or Council of Elders of the Great Temple, provided Rabbi positioned himself so, and very properly and firmly against corruption alarming , against hypocrisy, lies, deception of the divine laws, and especially against the oppression of the powerful over the weak.

For this reason he was hated and persecuted by a whole variety of people who saw the uneducated Galilean a real threat to the "modus vivendi" and the "status quo" effect. However, on the other hand, was revered by crowds of unhappy slaves, the sick and marginalized of all social order. He walked with the poor, the simple and the persecuted and ate with the socially discriminated, as the tax collector and the prostitute. His holiness and knowledge of natural laws that science still has failed to discern, healed the sick and dying brought the ante-chamber of death, but because of the mysticism and blind faith of a majority weary of waiting a messiah at any price, was climbed the rank of miracle worker and reviver of the dead.

He preached pure love, tolerance and forgiveness and a life lived as a righteous man is expected of a faithful follower of the Jewish Mosaic Law and the Holy Torah. He died a victim of the hate dispensed by the powerful to those who have no commitment to lie, with foolish pride, the prejudice and wickedness. His life was the most beautiful love poem that never has heard and his message can be summed up in "Love Gd above all things and your neighbor as yourself, Jew or Goy," a Jewish commandment before being Christian, but forgotten by all races and peoples as if it was a mere decadent and revolutionary slogan without real value these days.

His message and call to universal love and to the most vigorous moral code that we have news, of which testified to the last drop of blood on the wood of the Cross, were abducted by phalanges of men of the world, victims of greed, vanity, pride and the most cruel wickedness. He was promoted to the status of God and in His name all sorts of ills and evils were freely practiced and innocent blood, even millions of Jews like himself, gushed fed through the fields and squares throughout the centuries, as the rivers flowing into the sea.

Yeshua bar Yosef, son of Miriam and Yosef, born a humble Jew in Bethlehem of Judea, was not a god, but was not an ordinary man. Anyway, did not descend from the highest heavenly home just to dwell among us and live a limited and small life. Neither came to earth to save us from a supposed and doubtful hellfire, but rather to bring to all mankind, regardless of religious denomination, creed, origin and race of each one, vigorous and real subsidies for a hard and incessant work that must be done inside our human essence in order to become us worthy for one day inhabit the house of HaShem, the New Jerusalem in Heaven.

By LauLimor

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